Lorenzo Bertulli


SYNS President

Lorenzo is a neurosurgical resident from the Hospital of Lugano, where he started in July 2017 and remained for 4 years, becoming Chief Resident in January 2020. He moved to Winterthur in July 2021 to go further with his training, where he remained until April 2023. Since May 2023 he is at the Spine Unit at Kantonsspital St. Gallen to complete his residency. He is holding the position of SYNS President since January 2021.

Marialaura Giamundo


SYNS Vice President

Marialaura is a neurosurgical resident who started her residency in France. She then moved to Switzerland and remained in Lugano for two and a half years, before beginning to work in Luzern (Klinik St. Anna). She completed a fellowship in Munich and then came back in Luzern (Kantonsspital) to continue her neurosurgical training. From the end of 2021 until September 2022 she worked in Chur at Kantonsspital Graubünden; now she is absolving a Spine Fellowship in Zürich with Prof. Dezsö Jeszenszky.

She is the SYNS Vice President since January 2021.

SYNS Board - Delegates

Aarau - KSA

Yasin Irmak

Basel - USB

Attill Saemann

Bern - Inselspital

Cédric Kissling

Géneve - HUG

Caterina Mollica

Lausanne - CHUV

Ethan Harel

Lugano - ORL

Francesco Polinelli

Luzern - LKS

Valentin Steinsiepe

St. Gallen - KSSG

Gregor Fischer

Zürich - USZ

Vincens Kälin

Course Coordinators

Matteo Montalbetti

Inselspital Bern

Craniotomy Course Coordinator

Cédric Kissling

Inselspital Bern

Spine Course Coordinator